1. Annabel truly has a gift. I've been having readings in various places over the past 15+ years and she is always so accurate. The detailed information that she's able to provide is amazing and her guidance has gotten me through some difficult times over the years - some people go to therapists, I choose psychics. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She's so down to earth and easy to be with and she has a great sense of humour! (which I totally appreciate)
    - Sandy
  2. Amazing reading Annabel you are the real psychic... everything you told me that was to come into my life came to pass... exactly as you told me it would... Thank you and god bless you... Ill be back for a phone reading...
    - Julie
  3. Absolutely amazing gift you have Annabel, I have been so blessed to have met you at the Psychic Fair 8 years ago... I have had telephone & in person readings which have been so insightful and amazingly accurate. How can she know so much about me, when she only talks to me once or twice a year.... I highly recommend Annabel.. you won't be disappointed...
    - Cindy
  4. I have been seeing Annabel for over five years now and I have NEVER been disappointed with any of my readings. Annabel has opened my eyes and has guided me to my true life path. I have also had Annabel preform a clearing”, & “healing”, session and WOW...what a difference that makes having your aura cleansed it’s amazing how much negative energy we carry with us and how much it weighs us down. Annabel has given me great insights, strength and confidence and there is nobody that can compare to her. Thank you Annabel for all the amazing things you have done for my family, my friends, and me. You have taught me so much, thank you!! I will be back...
    - Maria
  5. Having a reading with Annabel was an unbelievable experience. She is not only an incredibly gifted and talented psychic, but she is a kind and caring woman; always looking to interpret even the negatives into positives. She was able to understand me as a person which was evident upon the very first items which she spoke to me about. I really appreciated the way she would ‘see’ something and then go on to dig deeper into the issue and find alternatives or gain further clarification. There is no doubt in my mind that the things that Annabel read for me was accurate. I have raved about her to all my friends and family and am trying to arrange a party because I believe in her and her gift that much. I have had other readings in the past which were completely wrong. Annabel is the real deal – do not hesitate to have her read for you, you will not be disappointed!!
    - Christine
  6. I too was skeptical at first. I listened to my tapes and waited. The accuracy of my reading was almost bang on! It was so close that it FREAKED ME OUT! It was something magical. Guess what I did next? I went back for more. I have been going to see Annabel now for 3 years now. It has gotten to a point where before I make any decisions I don't make them until I see Annabel. She carries this aura of strength and confidence. I have recommended her to a few friends and it's amazing to see their reactions when they come out of a reading.... See you in a couple of weeks. Thanks Annabel, you have touched so many lives and helped them deal with a variety of challenges...
    - Lou
  7. At first I was very skeptical on Psychic's but it took one appointment and I was a believer. Annabel has been instrumental in positioning my business in the marketing place. She's enabled and assisted me in the growth of my successful business with her insightful direction and strong intuition. Also, in helping me select key people for my team and weeding out the incapable. Annabel, you surely have a gift, you’re a great person who cares about her work. Thank you for all your impressive help. John
    - John
  8. I have had readings with others before I met you, but they all left me unfulfilled and even more confused about the issues after I left than when I first walked in. Annabel, you nailed it. Your readings are totally amazing and I have recommended you to everyone who has asked, and once they've had a reading with you, they recommend you to others they know. I have taken your classes and workshops and I'm not done yet! You have an amazing gift and I am so glad you chose to share it with others.
    - Ann
  9. I have had many readings by Annabel and she was so incredible that I hosted a reading party for my friends, co-workers and family. Everyone whom attended that day (even the skeptics), have commented on just how accurate she was; several people have even asked me what I told Annabel about them prior to their reading because she knew so much about them, I obviously didn’t tell her a thing! Annabel is the real deal, go to her with confidence, and know she will tell you what the other side wants you to know or thinks you should know right now in your life! Thank you Annabel you have touched so many lives and helped them through countless challenges. God Bless You & The Wonderful Work You Do. Love & Light Terry
    - Terry
  10. Absolutely fantastic reading in person. I thoroughly enjoyed your inspirational words and reconnecting with my mother in spirit whom passed 14 years ago. I have had many readings over the years, but I must say you are dead on, very accurate in your readings. Oh I'll be back!!! I have already recommend you to my friend and family without any reservations. You are gifted.
    - Laurie
  11. Annabel you are an amazing individual, full of life and energy that cascades down to the people around you. You are always right on with your readings. In the last year my life has changed happy times and challenging times.. As you predicted a year ago this would come to be... Now I have lived it.. Now I am where I want to be. Thank you for always keeping me so positive. You are a Angel walking upon this earth.
    - Natalie
  12. Annabel I met you at the Psychic Expo in 2004. Unknown to me, you advised me that I was adopted and that I had a sister I didn't know about in great detail. Also, you told me I would marry by the spring of 2005 and yes that headhunter did call about the job you described... Thanks to you I found my sister I never knew existed, found that job you told me about and I'm getting married as you predicted. You truly are gifted thank you so much.
    - Gail
  13. Annabel you are terrific!!! Thank you for being you, you confirmed so many things for me. I feel so at peace now after seeing you. Amazingly you are gifted and a true beautiful spirit. Thank God I met you!!! I'll be back and recommend you to all my friends. My reading was in person at the ESP Psychic Expo May 2005.
    - Cindy
  14. Annabel was recommended to me by a friend who was amazed by her reading. I have been having readings (in person and telephone)about every six months, for the past four years. Every reading has been awesome!! Annabel's readings are extremely accurate and very inspirational. I recently recommended a friend of mine who was also fascinated by Annabel's ability to quickly read her situation and reassure her about a difficult problem she was facing. Annabel, thank you!!
    - Trish
  15. I have been having readings with Annabel for many years now and she has been always right on. I would say she is 95% accurate. I have had many readings done in the past and Annabel has been the most accurate. I would highly recommend her for a reading in person or by telephone.
    - Maria
  16. Annabel, I wanted to let you know that both Gorete & Diana thought you were fantastic! They have never been to any reader that was right on with what was going on in their life. We talked about it during lunch and they called me again to thank me for recommending you. You're the best!!!! We will all be back for another reading !!!! I highly recommend a reading with Annabel in person or by telephone.
    - Natalie
  17. I hope you remember me, because I definitely remember you! I had a reading a few months back, and I loved it. You saw a few things (engaged by February) and it came true! You were very insightful and I want to share that experience with some friends. I am planning a bacheloret for a friend that is getting marrying on March 10, 2007. I wanted part of her night to be a party with you. My reading was in person and I will be back!!!!
    - Amanda



Annabel is a born gifted Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. whom provides you with guided messages answers and direction with the help of her Spirit Guides & Masters and yours. ​​More...
Annabel has had extensive training and practicing experience for over 20 years, she studied under Rev.Hanna Kroeger. Her working experience has been proven effectively, in healing and clearing away negative energies, dark entities and/or dark forces.  ​​​​​More...



Annabel practices the art of daily meditation bringing countless benefits to your Physiological, Psychological, Spiritual health and well-being. By leading meditations with her students for many years, Annabel has designed her leading meditations to give you the best experience possible. More...
I truly believe that within each of us, resides a inner wisdom called intuition. When followed, developed and trusted, it is a powerful inner realm that infallibly points us into the direction of success. ​​More...