COST:  $100.00 Jupiter Oil (15mil) & Dragons Blood Oil (dram) is included in this workshop.

LOCATION: Tillsonburg, ON

This Workshop covers the art of Casting, Creating and Manifesting a specific influence into your life; Jupiter’s Influence can bring favor to these intentions:

Workshop will be covering:
• Acquire Honors
• Acquire Wisdom
• Accumulate Wealth
• Assist in Legal Affairs
• Assure Vision
• Buy or Sell Real Estate
• Gain Health

• Gain Tranquility of Mind
• Have Good Luck
• Make Friendship
• Protect from all dangers
• Restore Peace of Mind
• Win Court Cases
• Rules Business & Trading of every kind
• Acquire Good Luck/Fortune
• Acquire Success in Gambling

Items you will need to supply:
Glass saucer dish (clear or designed in the same material... no colors.. concave.. need a ridge on it) 
Bond or Parchment Paper (Bond Paper is 22-24 pound paper plain white) 
Pencil & Sharpener, Baby Powder (unscented preferred but not necessary) 
Plastic Sealed Container (for mixing & shaking)
Think about how much money you need or want

This will be a fun workshop the co-creators into the limitless field of limitless potential to infinite possibilities.
​Ask for what you want... you will get it !!!!!!

First come first served. Limited spaces available.




Annabel is a born gifted Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. whom provides you with guided messages answers and direction with the help of her Spirit Guides & Masters and yours. ​​More...
Annabel has had extensive training and practicing experience for over 20 years, she studied under Rev.Hanna Kroeger. Her working experience has been proven effectively, in healing and clearing away negative energies, dark entities and/or dark forces.  ​​​​​More...



Annabel practices the art of daily meditation bringing countless benefits to your Physiological, Psychological, Spiritual health and well-being. By leading meditations with her students for many years, Annabel has designed her leading meditations to give you the best experience possible. More...
I truly believe that within each of us, resides a inner wisdom called intuition. When followed, developed and trusted, it is a powerful inner realm that infallibly points us into the direction of success. ​​More...